Lovesong: A Collection of Poetry & Photographs in Honour of Love Day


I’m warm and a shutter
Faintly a flutter
Hardly aware
Gripped by your stare
Standing stark and nervous
Letting go,
You lay me still and quiet
Then all at once, your love is violent
A tumble of lust,
Engagingly rough
And cluttered with intent
A sinful retreat,
An amorous defeat.


Fold me up, like pockets of blue-love
Wiggle my arms and legs
I will wait softly and earnestly
You’ll be high among my mountains

Finger my indecision
Wait for that precious moment of sweetness
Of enveloping laziness
Basking in your deliverance
Imagine me, folded in your pocket
Holding you, softly
Keeping your hands warm.

Not Love Poetry

Do not compare me to a summer’s breeze,
A sweet rose, or crashing sea,
I’ve not the patience or the time,
To listen to incessant rhyme
About my warm embrace,
And impetuous moods,
Careworn hands, 
And illustrious swoons,
You have no truth offering to extend,
Just silly metaphors and the opening of hands.


Swallow you up
Inside me
Wrap you in my skin
There is so much magic here
Hidden deep within

I can make you lost
Cast you in a warming glow
I have so much magic baby
More than you could ever know

Taste my smile
Let me eyes
Guide you here
Between my thighs

I can help you find yourself
I can save your soul
I have so much magic darling
More than you could ever know

Published by Naomi

M. Naomi Fuqua is an Art Educator and Multidisciplinary Artist from Houston, Texas.

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