The Tree & The Child

M. Naomi Fuqua. The Tree. Photograph. (2022) Paris, France.

A child follows the sound of trees creaking and bending in the wind, and finds herself in front of the Tree.

Tree: Look into my eye, I will show you your future, my child.

Child: (weary) Is it safe?

Tree: Yes. Come near to me child, be still and watch closely at its center, you have nothing to fear.

Child: It feels like sleep. I can see a light.

Tree: Let the light envelop you in its warmth my child. You are safe with me.

Child: Where has the light gone? I cannot see.

Tree: Now , you have become the light.

Child: If I am the light, why is it so dark?

Tree: We cannot see ourselves how others perceive us. To the light, the world is darkness.

Child: What is my future then?

Tree: To be consumed by the light.

Child: (faintly) I want to wake up, please let me leave this dream.

Tree: Shhh my child. This is not a dream. Be at peace.

Child: (only a whisper now) How is this peace? I feel nothing.

Tree: You will never feel pain again. You will never again be alone. Here inside the light, you will always be safe child.

The child whimpers softly and goes silent.

The tree extends it branches and shakes its leaves, taking a deep breath of air.

In the distance the tree hears a child crying, the tree stretches and twists its trunk forward. The curious child walks closer to investigate.

Published by Naomi

M. Naomi Fuqua is an Art Educator and Multidisciplinary Artist from Houston, Texas.

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