The Tree & The Child

A child follows the sound of trees creaking and bending in the wind, and finds herself in front of the Tree. Tree: Look into my eye, I will show you your future, my child. Child: (weary) Is it safe? Tree: Yes. Come near to me child, be still and watch closely at its center, youContinue reading “The Tree & The Child”

Radio Ga Ga: The Origin of the Mixtape

I am going to be explicit, firstly, when I say that this is in no way the definitive history of the mixtape, I have done almost zero research into it, and am using only anecdotal evidence, my own drug-influenced memory, and the memory of others with similar life experiences in which to write this article.Continue reading “Radio Ga Ga: The Origin of the Mixtape”

Sexual Healing: Worldly Wisdom from a Wholesome Ho

How to be a whore in these trying times… I met my ex-husband at age twenty, a year later we got married. It’s like what they say, when you meet the right person, you know in your heart that they’re the one and you want to start the rest of your life right then. ThisContinue reading “Sexual Healing: Worldly Wisdom from a Wholesome Ho”

Lovesong: A Collection of Poetry & Photographs in Honour of Love Day

Defeated I’m warm and a shutterFaintly a flutterHardly awareGripped by your stareStanding stark and nervousLetting go,You lay me still and quietThen all at once, your love is violentA tumble of lust,Engagingly roughAnd cluttered with intentA sinful retreat,An amorous defeat. Warm Fold me up, like pockets of blue-love Wiggle my arms and legs I will waitContinue reading “Lovesong: A Collection of Poetry & Photographs in Honour of Love Day”

Relax, don’t do it.

Veronica walks into her home from an exhausting day. Sighing heavily, she shakes off her coat and bag and angrily peels off the layers of business casual. Gleefully, she remembers her husband has taken the kids to visit his parents. What will she do with all this spare time? There’s nothing like a hot soothingContinue reading “Relax, don’t do it.”

Ode to Paper

Ever since I can remember, I have always had an obsession with stationary. Many times as a girl, I would slip away from my mother, and could be found wandering the aisle of the office supply section of the grocery store. To this day, I cannot leave a store without perusing the aisle of pens,Continue reading “Ode to Paper”